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  • ALL classes do need to be pre booked

  • Wednesday morning and Saturday sessions need to be booked and paid by 7.00pm the evening before

  • All After School Term Time classes Monday to Wednesday and morning classes on Monday and Tuesday are booked for the whole block of 5 weeks

  • Have a question? send an email message please, not a booking form

  • Submitting a booking form indicates that you would like a space reserved for you in a class and an invoice/message will be sent to you in reply -  check your junk/spam folder

  • Terms and Conditions  are there for your benefit as well as ours, you really should read them! Submission of payment confirms acceptance of our terms and conditions and this will be noted on your invoice.

  • Changed your mind about a booking? Please and double please  - send us a message and tell us!  Circumstances can change and we understand, someone else may be waiting to hear that they can have a space.

  • If your child cannot make a class please do let us know as soon as possible

  • If you have completed a booking form and your child has attended a session, as long as no details have changed,  then you can just send us an email message to request a another booking

  • Want a taster session? message us and we will arrange a convenient time at a pro rata charge

Pay as You Go

  • Wednesday mornings do need to be booked and paid by 7.00pm the evening before

  • This is an alternative to having to pay and commit to attending a block of 5 weeks of classes

  • Ideal for those who like a changing schedule or have other ad hoc commitments

  • The reason we need you to book and pay by the night before, is so that we can make sure there is space in the studio and also avoid using up fun craft time by taking payments on the door

  • If there are no bookings made in advance, it also allows us to schedule our day more efficiently and undertake tasks away from the studio. Our cupboards always need some resources replacing and paperwork never ends !!

Adults and Parents/Guardians

  • A parent or guardian must attend with a child under 4 to assist and engage with them in class

  • Parents or guardians of children over the age of 4, may remain in class to settle a child, if they feel that they really need to, however this will only be in an assist capacity. There is no waiting area space for spectators

  • As a general rule, parents are discouraged from staying to allow children to make their own decisions, give them freedom to create and build confidence in their independence

  • Please arrive promptly for the start of your child’s booked class and at the end to collect them. We recommend you arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start time.

  • If you arrive very early for your class we cannot guarantee to be in the Studio, let you have access to the Studio and/or take responsibility for your child before the class start time. if you have plans while your child is in a class please make sure that you take the class times into consideration

  • if you wish,  you may enquire about leaving your child a little earlier and an appropriate charge will be made. We make no guarantee that this service is available due to prior commitments, so please do not arrive without prior consent expecting someone to be in the studio

  • Ensure your child has been to the bathroom and thoroughly washed their hands before class to save disruption to the others

  • There is a Terms and Conditions Section on this website which you should view if your child is attending/going to attend a class or you are attending a workshop


  • Children do get to take home the creations that they make

  • A snack and/or drink (in sealed container) may be brought to any class

  • Capable 5 year olds at least attending yr1 at school may attend holiday classes

  • Children do need to be over 7 years to attend any sewing sessions

  • Craft Parties are available and will be bespoke to your requirements which we will discuss.

  • Visits to view the Studio set up can be arranged

  • Parents are not expected to stay but may settle their child

  • Saturday Craft Time is a great way to introduce children to the studio in preparation for holiday classes if they are shy and unsure

  • There is often a project/theme arranged for the children to start with but thereafter they are able to craft their own designs with many of the resources available in the studio

  • Children are encouraged to work at their own pace with their ideas on their projects. They may complete one or several during their time and that is completely fine 

Studio & Mayford Centre

  • The Mayford Centre has ample parking

  • There are toilet facilities

  • The Studio is Unit G1B and is located on the ground floor in the main building

  • There is disabled parking and a sloping access doorway to the Centre. However the Centre cannot officially be recognised as fully access friendly.

  • The Studio has many resources  for use in the classes and these are included in the class fee  - subject to class/workshop activity booked


  • All workshops will include necessary materials, you may bring your own too to add to your project if you wish

  • Most workshops include unlimited hot drinks and home baked cake

  • Children may only attend the Adult with child workshops,  so that the adult can help assist them too. The adult may be the parent, guardian, granny or friend etc!

  • The Mayford Centre doors are generally locked late evenings and Sundays, make sure you have our phone number so that you can call to be let in!


  • All parties are bespoke, there is no set package

  • Craft activities are chosen individually and designed to suit the birthday child and their guests 

  • Parents/guardians of the party child may stay for the party duration

  • Guest parents are NOT expected or encouraged to stay -  space issues

  • All materials will be provided  - unless otherwise advised eg tie dye and decoupage parties

  • Children take their creations home

  • A simple birthday buffet and cake may be brought in

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