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Would you like your children to to come to a studio where the first thing they will say when they walk in is "WOW"! And where the smile on their face grows wider when they realise that they can take their creation(s) home. It has also been said on many occasions that it is "the best holiday camp ever"!

Well that's what happens here! 

I'm Tania and I am as keen a crafter now as I was when I was a child. I still have the "Things to Do" book that I had then, with tick marks beside all the crafts that I made, although it is in a bit of a sorry state now! 

In these craft classes I can share my knowledge and excitement in crafting with children, so that they too can enjoy the fun, benefits and skills that crafting can bring. Technology is great but sometimes you just have to sit down and occupy your mind and hands with old fashioned crafting and let your creative ideas flow. 

The studio is also a place for Adults to come and enjoy, either with their own project or to take part in one of the Workshops.

The studio is a large, bright and airy room with plenty of space for all sorts of crafting. Our cupboards hold a huge supply of resources and at the end of the session your happy child will bring home their own wonderful creations and I clean up all the mess!

You may find some of the crafted items that I make on sale in the studio as well some craft kits that has been prepared knowing from experience what the children like to make.

I hold DBS and PL Insurance certificates.

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Craft Classes for Children

Many find a sense of calm in crafting and it is a good hobby to undertake alone or within a group. Crafting builds self-esteem and confidence and involves problem solving. Not all children will enjoy being sporty, bookworms, high tech or academic achievers etc. Some need time to explore and find an outlet for their imaginations. 

There are many types of craft available and I hope to offer as many as possible, We could be using pens, paints, pebbles, wood, cardboard, thread, fabric, pine cones and conkers,  pasta or playdough and anything else we think will be fun!

Most term time classes will have a subject or theme and children can enjoy exploring their ideas and imaginations to create masterpieces!

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What's on Offer

Hen Party

For full information visit the appropriate pages on this site

Holiday Classes

There will be a 3 hour session available in the morning and afternoon for children aged 6 to 15

There will be selected days where all day stays will be permitted.

Term Time Classes

These will be run over a 5 week period.   

There will be after school classes  You can pick your class time and duration.

We recommend 60 minutes for younger aged children and 90 minutes for older children.

There will also be day time classes of 1 hour for pre- school children aged 2 - 5

and also for home educated children aged 2 - 11

(All children of pre -school age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to assist them)

Wednesday Morning "Pay as you go"

for children aged 2 - 11

Saturday Craft Time

for children 4+

Monday Evening Social

Ages 11 - 16 

2 hours of fun for older children to craft and socialise

Saturday Sew Time & Sunday Sew Time

for children 7+ (adults/parents are also welcome to book onto these classes)

(note - Pay As You Go, Saturday Craft & Sew Time Days, do need to be booked and paid by 7.00pm the night before, it is not possible to turn up on the day)

One to One classes may be available, please message to discuss.

Craft Parties

These are available for children aged 5 - 15 and will be tailored to suit your individual requirements.  

Depending on the activities chosen, these will generally take place over a 1- 2 hour period. Ideally for up to 6 children but maximum of 10.

All classes will generally be restricted in size to 6 children to ensure full teaching support and safety.


Craft and Chat

Bring your own project and work on it in the company of other crafters. 

Adult Sewing Sessions

Day time sessions Mondays 

Special Event Workshops

There will be some for Adults Only, for Adults with the option of a child attending too and some for all the family!

Throughout the year we will be arranging workshops to cover a variety of craft activities and seasonal events. 

Workshops for Businesses, Groups or Schools

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with a craft workshop.

Studio Hire

The Studio is also available for hire, please email to enquire.

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The Mayford Centre, Woking, Surrey, GU22 0PP

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